There Were Actually Vagina Wigs At New York Fashion Week (Yes, You Read Right)

New York Fashion Week just ended and it got pretty hairy on the runway.

Designer Kaimin’s theme for the entire show was diversity and tolerance, and Kaimin chose these vagina wigs aka “merkins” to represent that.

Yep, Vagina Wigs were a thing at the New York Fashion Week.

If you look up “merkin” in the urban dictionary it refers to a toupee for the pubic area/genitals and was used in 1700 to treat STI’s.

South Korean-born designer Kaimin said in a press release “this acceptance of individuality is the human vagina — which is alluded to in the live video at the show and is emphasized by the Mohawk on the runway.”

Kaimin’s show took place at the Glass Houses in New York and the collection is appropriately called “Oriental Garden.”

Check out the photos below courtesy of Kaimin’s Instagram account (source: Buzzfeed):

vaginawig2 vaginawig3 vaginawig4 vaginawig5 vaginawig6

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