This Mums’ Down’s Syndrome Carpool Karaoke Video Just Made James Corden Cry


Screenshot from Wouldn’t Change a Thing

James Corden may have had some of the most famous artists join him in Carpool Karaoke, but this Carpool Karaoke video actually made him cry.

This video titled “50 Mums, 50 Kids, 1 Extra Chromosome” is the brainchild of Rebecca Carless who got the idea after seeing videos by the group Singing Hands on YouTube. Rebecca’s son has Down’s Syndrome, and she decided to contact other mums with Down’s Syndrome children via the Facebook group “Designer Genes” to create a Carpool Karaoke Video. Eventually, 50 mums and 50 kids released their versions of the song, and these versions were compiled into one epic video. The result will give you goosebumps.

Check out the video courtesy of Wouldn’t Change a Thing:

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