If You’re A Kraken Lover Then You’re Going To LOVE This Cozy Tentacuddle Blanket

ThinkGeek just created this epic Tentacuddle Blanket for Kraken lovers and yes, this product is very real.

This blanket was originally an April Fools’ Day product but ThinkGeek decided to make it real. The blanket has 5 tentacles, each with an opening near the end to put thumb, hand, or foot through – each tentacle is 2 ft. long with 3 suckers and it’s supposed to keep you warm and makes you look like a sea creature at the same time. Here’s what they said about the product “we’ve had enough of mermaids. They get all the things. Sparkly sequined backpacks. Lunch boxes. Random office supplies. And, of course, those blankets that were all over social media. Our Tentacuddle Blanket is for those who are darker, who love the deep. Those who are #TeamUrsula. Those who are ready to take over the world from their underwater kingdom. Right after this next episode. *snuggles back down in betentacled blanket*”

Check it out below courtesy of ThinkGeek:


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