Tommy Hilfiger Just Launched An EPIC Line For People With Disabilities

Tommy Hilfiger just released disability-friendly clothing called Tommy Adaptive, and it’s definitely a breath of fresh air.

Tommy Hilfiger partnered with Runway of Dreams back in 2016 to create a clothing line catering to children with disabilities, and now, the company wants to cater for all people with disabilities.

Here’s what the company said in a press release: “Tommy Adaptive’s mission is to be inclusive and empower people of all abilities to express themselves through fashion,”

Tommy Adaptive clothes are more disability friendly because they added modifications such as one-handed zippers, side-seam openings, bungee cord closure systems, adjustable waists, and magnetic buttons and velcro among others.

The company also hired a number of high-profile figures in the disability community, such as Paralympic track-and-field gold medalist Jeremy Campbell, autistic chef Jeremiah Josey and blogger and motivational speaker Mama Cax. Check it out below courtesy of Chelsie Hill’s Instagram.


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