There’s Now A ‘Human Uber’ Which Can Enable You To Attend Events Using Another Person’s Body


Screenshot from Fitzy and Wippa

There are times when you just don’t feel like going out or skipping a house party you’ve been invited to, so what do can you do??

Don’t fret because a bunch of researchers from Japan have now come up with a unique invention that they believe is the solution. Introducing “Human Uber,” it provides a way for you to attend events using someone else’s body. Inventor, Jin Rekimoto of Sony says “it’s surprisingly natural.” Basically, the uber person wears a motorbike helmet with an iPad stuck on the front. On the iPad screen, you’ll be able to stream your facecam, essentially giving you a walking Facecam platform surrogate. Weird?? Maybe, but I’m quite curious to give this a go.

Check out the video below courtesy of Fitzy and Wippa:

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