How To Plan An Awesome Wine Tasting Event For Your Bridal Shower


Weddings are more than the actual engagement at the altar. After picking from a vast variety of beach wedding dresses, it’s time to think about what your guests will eat and drink. Remember, people have to eat and drink to celebrate the union.

Similar to food, drinks such as wine come in several varieties. Therefore, you must consider their tastes and this why you must hold a wine tasting.

Note: Sometimes, such events can also be used to identify a wedding dress. One of your friends may know of a place which sells cheap wedding dresses.

This article will take you through the steps you should follow to hold a successful wine tasting.

1.  Prepare a Guest List

Guest lists are important because with it you can plan for the number of guests you expect at the event so do you don’t overspend nor run short. However, some guests might not give you an express yes or no answer to your invites, yet they’ll show up.

This may cause a wine shortage, thus painting a bad picture. Therefore, it’s crucial to get a definite yes or no answer from your invited guests and stick to this list.

2. Choose the Type of Wine and Brand

It’s wine tasting. This means you’re looking for a winner among various contestants. Thus, you can have white, rose or red wine at the tasting party. However, stick to a certain type such as white or red for this particular occasion.

After settling on the type of wine, the brand comes next. You can choose anything from 6 to 8 brands so you have a wide variety available for your guests at the party.

Since it’s a tasting party, filling up the glasses isn’t necessary. Therefore, a 750ML bottle is sufficient for 8 people. Nevertheless, have an additional bottle of each brand for a group of 8 people. If anyone wants to top up their glass after tasting, they can do so without fear.

In addition, after selecting the winner, you also want to have an extra bottle to celebrate the win.

3. Hide the Wine Identities

Wine tasting is more like an exam. You don’t want to expose the answers for all to see. This why you should hide the identities so you everyone can give their honest opinion without bias. To achieve this, give every bottle a unique number.

Afterward, give every guest a placemat and also include placeholders to assist you in identifying where each wine glass should go. You can even add a personal touch to the placeholders.

An important item you must not forget is a scorecard to judge the wine. You can get a free card on the internet. The card will allow your guests to take notes on each wine variety while assigning scores. Also, don’t forget to buy pens.

4. How to Taste

See, swirl, sniff and snip. These are the wine tasting basics every wine taster should adhere to. It allows them to feel, understand and internalize the different tastes. Wine tasting will bring out varied differing opinions among the tasters, but this is also a fantastic opportunity to bond over the differing opinions.

Wine tasting is an important aspect to ensure the big day goes on as planned.

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