Clear And Imageless Jigsaw Puzzles Are Now Available To Kill Your Boredom If You’re Self-Isolating


Photo Credit:  LittleFlowerPotShop’s page via Etsy

If you’re quarantined at home because you’re self-isolating and you’ve got nothing else to do so you’re super bored, then this clear jigsaw puzzle is definitely the way to go.

Described as an “impossibly difficult CLEAR jigsaw puzzle for adults in multiple sizes,” you can purchase this puzzle via the Etsy store under Little Flower Pot Shop. The pieces are made from transparent acrylic and it actually comes in four levels of difficulty: “easy, okay, hard, and crazy.”

Without any image to base the puzzle on, you just need to try placing each tiny piece together until they fit somehow.

The “easy” version has just nine pieces so it’s not too bad, but the “crazy” puzzle has around 144 clear pieces so it’s not for the faint-hearted!

If you want to give this clear jigsaw puzzle a go then you can click on this link to the Etsy website: LittleFlowerPotShop

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