Pet Owners Are Buying Their Pets Cup Noodle Beds And It’ll Make You Smile Until Your Face Hurts


Screenshot from Shiba Inu Yuki

Every pet deserves a nice, comfy bed to sleep in – And what could be more awesome than sleeping inside a massive pot noodle right?

Introducing the Japanese instant noodle soup cup by Shiba Inu Yuki. The beds come in a range of different pot noodle designs (flavours) and you can even choose your favourite colour or your favourite noodle dish, you can either choose a veggie treat with an egg or tonkatsu ramen. Each bed costs 4,700 yen which is around $68 AUD and the price comes with the bed, a ramen-design pillow, and a lid.

Check out the video below courtesy of Shiba Inu Yuki:

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