Husband Sets Up Epic ‘Date Nights’ Outside Pregnant Wife’s Hospital Window As She Awaits Birth


Screenshot from Bob Conlin’s Facebook

A loving husband has won the internet by bringing epic dates nights to his pregnant wife’s hospital room window as she awaits the birth of their son at a Chicago hospital.

Due to coronavirus restrictions, 41-year-old Shona Moeller – who is 28-week pregnant is not allowed to have any visitors. But her husband, Bob Conlin, was determined to let her know that she’s not alone.

Conlin knew his wife would be in the hospital for quite some time so he started visiting her once a week for social-distancing “date nights.” He’d set up a table decorated with flowers and candles, bring loving signs and drop off treats for his wife, who stayed inside her hospital room while he dined by himself down below.

“I wanted her to feel special and loved,” Conlin told CBS news. “She’s in there by herself and she can’t even leave her room. She’s going to be there, we’re hoping for just three months. We’re halfway there.”

Check it out below courtesy of Bob Conlin’s Facebook account:

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