Golf Star Paige Spiranac Claims Her 34DD Breasts Actually Helps Her Golf Game


Screenshot from Paige Spiranac’s Instagram

Golf star Paige Spiranac has decided to finally answer the question her fans have been dying to know since day one: do her 34DD breasts actually get in the way of her golf swing? And are they real??

Paige decided to finally address rumours of her 34DD breasts being doctored and whether or not it affects her golf game. In a YouTube video she posted on her channel, she said: “I’ve never had my breasts done … they are as real as they can be.” She mentioned that it was apparently the “most popular” question she gets from her fans.

She further said: “My cleavage is always out, I don’t get offended by it when people ask me these questions because I am aware, I’m showing it off in a way… I do work really hard on my body, I spend a lot of hours in the gym and on my diet and I’m proud of how my body looks.”

Paige then addressed whether or not her breasts get in the way of her game, she said she typically stands a little further from the ball to give her some extra swinging room, but that’s pretty much it. She said, “it’s never an issue, they’re just kind of there. Putting, chipping, really anything else you’re pretty much set… And actually, I think it kind of helps because my arms are so connected I feel them touching pretty much all the time.” She further said, “so you do feel connected instead of having that excessive space. So I use it to help me.”

Check out the full video below courtesy of Paige Spiranac’s YouTuhe channel:

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