Instagram Influencer Gets Slammed Online For Posing At A Black Lives Matter Protest


Screenshot from influencersinthewild’s Twitter account

This was the cringe-worthy moment an Instagram influencer was caught busting a photoshoot at a Black Lives Matter protest.

Too Fab revealed that the name of the Influencer in question is Kris Shettsel – she decided to join the fight against police brutality but along the way she also felt it was a good time to take some cool shots for her Insta profile.

Unfortunately for her, a video of her in action was captured by a protestor and it was circulated all over social media. The model was captured posing with a Black Lives Matter sign as a group of protesters marches on next to her.

Wearing an all-black midriff-baring dress with a thigh-high side split matched with an impeccably done hair and makeup – she definitely looked immaculate amidst the hustle and bustle of protesters marching around her.

It wasn’t long before someone managed to figure out which influencer she was, and eventually, she got slammed online for what she did.

Too Fab further confirmed that because of the backlash she copped due to getting caught out, she ended up deleting her Twitter account as well as her Instagram account that boasted a whopping 214k followers.

To be fair to her, sure, this move may be quite cringe-worthy in nature, but it’s still better than other influencers not caring at all. At least she’s exposing her audience to a good cause right?

In any case, she finally addressed all the backlash she copped for the photoshoot in question, and here’s what she said according to The Mirror:  “This is a huge misunderstanding!!! Later I will explain everything an apologise!

“My intentions was never to disrespect the movement but to add to the movement the way that I know how . Peace.”


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