“Outer Banks” Star Madelyn Cline’s Nighttime Skincare Routine If You Want To Start A Skincare Routine But Aren’t Sure How


Screenshot from Harper’s BAZAAR

Let’s face it; if you want your complexion in tip-top shape then you need to commit to doing the bare minimum each night and make that extra time investment into your skin.

“Outer Banks” star Madelyn Cline’s skin looks absolutely flawless hence the reason why she looks incredible in the small screen. This routine is perfect for anyone who’s just not sure where to begin. For Madelyn Cline, nighttime skincare is apparently her form of meditation, and the one time during her busy day where she can take some well-deserved me-time — which, I’m pretty sure we sisters can relate. In this video by Harper’s BAZAAR, the stunning actress shares some of her secrets on how she keeps her skin clear and hydrated.

Check out the video below courtesy of Harper’s BAZAAR:

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