Bikini Model Shares Amazing Before And After Photos That’ll Make Your Jaws Drop

Let’s face it; social media is littered with perfectly edited images pretty much everywhere we look these days. All you’ve got to do is open up Instagram and you’ll see it every other photo so it’s always good to see that there’s the other positive side of Instagram that promotes body positivity.

Case in point, an Australian bikini designer called Karina Irby is someone who endorses body positivity and promotes a healthy look on social media. She recently posted two side-by-side photos showing her body transformation over a six-year period and she captioned the post with the message below:


“Facebook notified me of this memory this morning. A baby Karina from 6 years ago!

“It’s crazy to think that my mindset, goals, business and priorities have developed more than my actual physical body!

“Even my @moana_bikini designs have transformed.

“I celebrate my mind and body every day. I’m proud of what I have achieved both physically and mentally. I’m a much more happier, healthier, and carefree girl!

“And just like my body, my business has never been injected with outsider money. It’s grown strongly and organically with lots of love and hard work.

“I can’t wait to see what the next 6 years will bring!”

Fans were quite happy with her post so she received an outpouring of positive comments praising her for being strong and beautiful. Check out the photo below courtesy of Karina Irby’s Instagram:

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