The Burger King In Taiwan Actually Serves Chocolate Burgers. Yes, You Read Right.

It may have started as an April fool’s joke, but on September 1st, 2020 the Hershey’s Chocolate Whoppers came into fruition for a one-day limited offer.

The novelty burger has sparked a 100 meter (328 foot) line up, where people are waiting in anticipation. A total of 506 burgers were sold during that one-day limited offer, in Taiwan, China.

The idea of the burger was a 2018 April fool’s joke, where it supposed to be a dessert burger, consisting of a chocolate patty sandwiched and between the chocolate buns along with chocolate rings as a garnish and raspberry sauce as a treat, reported Next Shark.

However, for this version, the Burger King Taiwan branch slathered the Hershey’s Chocolate and peanut butter,

Surprisingly, the peanut butter and chocolate syrup brought out a poignant taste in the beef patty, and Burger King was praised for the interesting culinary choice! What do you guys think? Would you take on a Chocolate Whopper?? (Screenshot from Burker King UK)

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