This Pretty French Girl Is A Certified Instagram Star. But Wait Till You Find Out Who She REALLY Is


This pretty French girl created an Instagram account just recently and in less than 3 months she garnered more than 12,000 followers and over 50,000 likes.

“Louise Delage” created an account in August showing her in a number of glamorous poses partying like there’s no tomorrow and living the VIP life. But there’s a catch though, you’ll notice that she’s almost always got an alcoholic drink somewhere in the photo.

Well it turns out that this account is a hoax and it was just created as part of a campaign to highlight alcoholism awareness among young people. The ruse was created by alcoholism organization Addict Aide who partnered up with a creative agency called BETC Paris and a production company called Francine Francoise.

Check out the video below (source: Addict Aide):

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