Apparently There Is Now A World’s First Bumhole Beauty Contest (Yes, You Read Right)


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Beauty pageants are popping up like mushrooms in this day and age but we bet that you will never come across a beauty contest quite like this one.

Brian Sloan was the founder of a “vagina beauty contest” before (yep, that’s real) which somehow became a hit because there’s probably a lot of pretty girls out there who needed money, well he has decided to follow up on this bizarre competition by doing another bizarre contest – but this time he’s focussing on bum holes.

Yep, bum holes.

Here’s what he said “your anus is not only the place where poop comes out. It’s also the hole that could earn you £5,000.”

Words of wisdom to live by right?

This time around this competition is not just open to women – it’s also open to men who are prepared to strip down and show of their hairy “assets.”

Sex toy manufacturer Autoblow will be hosting this bizarre competition and they are offering $10,000 to those who make it in the top three, with $5,000 going to the victorious chocolate starfish – the competition will be held on November 8.

Sloan said “I hope that all Americans will warm up their voting rights in the anus contest before hitting the polls to vote in the presidential election on November 8th… I invite people from all countries of the world, especially those which are not democracies, to experience the unique flavour of our American democratic process by participating in the anus contest, which I have constructed to be as much like our presidential election as possible.”

In order to win this prestigious competition, all you have to do is submit a picture of your back side with the words ‘Autoblow Anus Contest’ written on a piece of paper. Random people will then get to perve at all the contestants back sides and then vote for the winning bum.

So who’s up for this hairy challenge??

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