These 50 Pole Dancers Were Hired To Escort A Taiwanese Politician’s Funeral Procession… What The??


Screenshot from 9gag TV

This Taiwan politician’s funeral procession included 50 pole dancers dancing on top of a number of multi-coloured Jeeps.

Yes, you read right.

Chiayi County Council Speaker Tung Hsiang passed away at the age of 76 last month and his funeral took place in Chiayi County just recently. Tung’s son told CNN affiliate SET TV that his father appeared in a dream and told him that he wanted his memorial to be “hilarious” so he organised for  50 pole dancers to send his father off for good. The procession also featured traditional totems, drummers, imported luxury cars, and flag bearers as a tribute for his father’s apparent love of crowded places.

Check out the video below courtesy of CNN News:

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