This Aussie Insta-Model Is Taking The Internet By Storm For Sharing These Epic Booty Pics


Screenshot is taken from Karina Irby’s Instagram account

While most models post immaculate and almost perfect photos on Instagram, this model is a breath of fresh air.

Karina Irby usually posts raw, un-edited pics on her Instagram feed, but this week she revealed just how much of a difference Photoshop editing can really make. She decided to post this side-by-side photo of an original image with a retouched one to show young girls that the “Insta Girls” they’re usually looking up to don’t actually look perfect all the time. She even listed all the editing she’d done to the image such as skin-smoothing, booty-enlarging, arm-thinning, neck-thinning, cellulite-reducing, and tummy-sucking.

Check out her epic post below courtesy of Karina Irby’s Instagram account:


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