Gigi Hadid Just Revealed Some Underarm Stubble And It’s Currently Taking The Internet By Storm!

Screenshot from Love Magazine’s Video
Gigi Hadid’s recently appeared in a video for the LOVE advent calendar and this video is making headlines for the wrong reason. She wore a sport’s crop top which was normal enough, but when she raised her arms above her head she had some dark patches under her arms and that shocked a number of viewers.
We’re not entirely sure if Gigi meant for her underarm stubbles to show, but she got attacked online for the dark patches in her armpit. Although some people did defend Gigi and supported her decision, most people were not impressed.
One supporter wrote “The last time I checked humans had hair under their armpits since the beginning, it’s normal,” and another supporter said, “It’s natural, we should not be pressured or required to shave body hair.”
Gigi’s makeup artist Hung Vanngo later made a statement on his own Instagram page explaining that the dark patches were actually a result of ‘sweat and dust’ on the shoot’s set. Check out the controversial video below by Love Magazine and you be the judge:

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