Burger King Just Showed Support For Net Neutrality By Pranking Their Customers With A $26 Whopper


Screenshot from Burger King

This fast-food company decided to explain a complicated subject in the most epic way imaginable.

The US Federal Communications Commission voted last month to get rid of the net neutrality rules which are a massive victory for large internet service providers because now the FCC’s decision could allow the service providers to create fast and slow lanes for subscribers and charge higher fees for customers who want faster internet service.

Burger King recently posted a whopper ad illustrating a new pricing scheme: If you want your order fast, you’ll need to pay a “whopping” $25.99. You can still buy a Whopper for $12.99 or $4.99 but then you’ll just have to wait longer for the lower-priced versions. As expected, their customers were not impressed.

Check out the hilarious prank courtesy of Burger King:

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