Forget UFC! Ronda Rousey Is Now Officially A WWE Wrestler

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It looks like Ronda Rousey is moving on from UFC and jumping into familiar grounds – WWE Wrestling.

Rousey at one point was the most dangerous women in MMA but it looks like she has decided to fully commit herself to wrestling.

Rousey appeared at the women’s Royal Rumble in Philadelphia in front of a huge crowd just recently and pointed to a WrestleMania sign which stated “scheduled for New Orleans in April” and the crowd went wild!

Here’s what Rousey said:

“This is my life now. Yeah, they have first priority on my time for the next several years.

“This is not a smash and grab, this is not a publicity stunt.

“When I first met with Triple H, I told him, ‘There are other things I can do with my time that’ll make way more money, but I won’t enjoy nearly as much.”

Who’s excited about Rousey’s return to the spotlight??

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