Introducing The Rise Project: A Fashion Show Dedicated To Emerging Designers


Year after year, there are thousands of fashion design graduates who are trying to break into the glamorous fashion world – but we all know how extremely difficult it is to make it as a full-time fashion designer. Most of the time, aspiring designers tend to get disappointed or get their hearts broken when they realize how hard it is to pursue a career in fashion. It’s even more difficult when you are young, fresh out of college and lack experience – it takes countless hours and many years to build your brand as well as save enough money to promote your designs to the right audience. While numerous young people are attracted to pursue a career in fashion due to the prominence of the fashion industry on television and social media, the increasing popularity of fashion education has unfortunately not been matched by an increase in fashion design jobs.

The Rise Project is a wonderful initiative founded by Sydney based fashion designers and stylist Marky Dong. It has been set up to help designers like Marky share their love of fashion to the general audience. They are also donating the admission fee to the Breast Cancer Organisation Australia on the day with a cheque. This is their way of giving back to Australia

Normally, we are wasting a lot of money, time and work to set up a fashion runway. Yes, it may look amazing and very entertaining, however, how many garments can you actually sell after the runway? Are you just wasting your sample on the catwalk model? Are you eventually going to sell the garment to a customer after washing it?

Rise Project is deviating from the norm and inviting around 20 emerging designers from all corners of the fashion industry to work together. Each of the 20 designers will have their own title pop-up spaces complete with mannequins and clothing cracks accompanied by good music and food. The main aim of this event is to become an emerging fashion destination in its own right.

When: Sunday, 25 March 2018 (10:00 am – 5:00 pm AEST)

Where: Bankstown Sports Club (8 Greenfield Parade, Bankstown, NSW 2200)

You can purchase tickets to this event by clicking this link: The Rise Project


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