These Rare Orchids Actually Looks Like Small Monkey Faces. Yes, You Read Right!

Although I’ve never been a fan of plants, this plant is definitely something that caught my attention.

Make way for the Monkey Orchid – it got its name because the flower literally looks like a little monkey face and no, we’re not kidding. According to VT, these orchids can be found in cloud forests between 1,000 and 2,000 meters above sea level, the monkey “faces” are created by unique blooms formed by the flower’s petals and stamens. These orchids can be found in the forests of Southeastern Ecuador and Peru, the Dracula Simia (aka the “little dragon monkey”) or Monkey Orchid, is the most adorable flower you’ll ever see.

Check out the photos below courtesy of @extraordinary_gardens:

Monkey Monkey2

Courtesy of @fahriorchid


Courtesy of @greengrass523


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