This Bizarre Fish With ‘Human’ Mouth Can Gives Kylie Jenner’s Lips A Run For Her Money

Social media users all over the world are confused by a fish that looks like it used one of Kylie Jenner’s lip injections.

The pictures in question were actually posted on Twitter earlier this month by Raff Nasir. He shared two photos of the fish and then captioned the images: “bibir dia lagi seksi dari aku” – which according to VT, translates to “Her lips are hotter than mine.”

The tweet in questions has garnered thousands of likes, comments, and retweets. For those who have never seen this fish before, it turns out that this fish is actually called a “triggerfish.”

According to National Geographic, there are “40 species of triggerfish scattered throughout the world’s seas”, and apparently, they use their strong jaws and teeth to “take on sea urchins, flipping them over to get at their bellies.”

Check out the photos below courtesy of Raff Nasir’s Twitter account:

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