COVID-19 Has Lead To The Creation Of A Haunted Drive-In In Japan

With the pandemic hindering outdoor activities and gathering with loved ones, it could be expected that you will be staying indoors for entertainment. However, Kowagarasetai, a haunted house design company begs to differ.

Traditionally in Japan, summer is the time for ghosts stories and has stated with the humidity in the midst, being afraid is during hot and humid weather is “chilling.”  With the lingering presence of the pandemic, haunted houses are branded as risky; thus, the World’s First Drive-In Haunted House was born.

Located in Tokyo’s Higashi Azabu district, the haunted garage comes along with a backstory that is reminiscent of Japanese urban legend.

According to the event’s backstory, “This garage is where a horrible incident occurred a long time ago. Now people say that if you park your car inside and honk your horn three times, something will happen.”

The story details will play over your radio in the car, while you park inside. Out of the blue, zombies, ghosts, or other undead creatures will start haunting at your window sills! Bringing a group of friends will ramp up the tension and fun.

Complying with the social distancing rules, guests must be inside the vehicle at all times, and admission and pricing starts at 8,000 yen (US$75). Even if you don’t have a car in the first place, you can get the experience of their provided vehicles.

Additionally, with your consent, your car departs with a chilling redecoration by your unfriendly neighbourhood ghouls!

Photo Credit: kowagarasetai twitter account

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