Vote now for who should be Mr Wow Blacktown!

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1. Gabby of Philippines

2. Mihajlo of Serbia

3. Mr Amin of Liberia

4. Philip B of Australia



6. Martin of Korea

7.Selim of Turkey

Vote for who you think should be the “Mr Wow Blacktown” in the poll below! The poll closes on the 28th of April, 2012 at 9am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Vote NOW and make your voice heard!

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  1. Haha @abuzo don’t judge you ignorant person, you dont know him !
    Looks can be decieving you prick.

  2. OMG!!! Gab i think you should come out of your closet, and leave this competition to the real guys okay… whats with the eyebrows?….. think peps…. xoxo

  3. OMG!!! i’ve read Gabby’s blog. I think He is a SHE inside !!! dont be afraid to come out of your closet!!! should be MISS WOW BLACKTOWN ! WHATS WITH THE EYE BROWS Gosh its very obvious peps…xoxo

  4. Phiip M is 16 years old with dimples, half Filo-Australian, very studious always top of his class, in year 11 but has 2 advance HSC subject this year. He is representing the country of UK for traditional costume wear.part of Mr WoW Blacktown competition. Vote closes on Saturday, 28 April 2012 at 9 am AEST.

  5. Please be reminded that Mr WoW Blacktown online competition closed on Saturday, 28 April 2012 at 9 am AEST. Coronation day on the same day from 9 am to 5 pm at Rooty Hill School, North Parade Rooty Hill NSW 2766. So vote for your favourite candidates now.

  6. You go boy Phillip M!!! He’s so cute, I love his dimples, his hair is great, he has the best freckles, OMGG!!
    This boy deserves to win, what a lovely man, PHILLIP M OF THE UK WOOH!

  7. Phillip M, you’re the best! I like your photo here, it’s so great to see your cute dimples…Good luck to you and God bless you…Even you’re representing U.K., I know deep inside you’re still Filipino at heart…

  8. Mr. Philip,M. of UK – WOW! You looked to be the Best WOW among them all, you are a Winner!

  9. I saw you walked, I saw how stylist you can dressed, you have the face and have the guts to show your talent in singing…not bad, not bad at all!…keep it up mate!
    Just don’t try harder, it might fall on your face. Just be humble and smile a lot, that’s where your charm is. Goodluck Philip M of UK.

  10. You deserve to win Philip M of UK and be the winner of the Star Central Magazine. You have the look of the real male supermodel.

  11. Hope you win Philip M of UK. You deserve to win it and be the winner of the Star Central Magazine. You have the look of the real male supermodel.

  12. GO PHILIP M of UK. I like your enthusiasm and continue trying the best u can. You know you have the brain and the looks so GO FOR IT!!! nice dimples 🙂

  13. It’s funny how some people try to be the best when they really not. While others try their best and they’re actually better than the ones that WANTS TO BE THE BEST. just saying. May the one who tries their best win and not the TRYING HARD. happy voting peeps.

  14. Great job tonight gab you have one killer voice
    I was at the back and I was getting goosebumps when you where singing
    Your truly are talented you deserve the mr wow Blacktown
    You have the confidence personality and understanding that
    The role needs !

  15. i really like this Philip M of UK,!~ he’s so very cute and Philip so deserving to Mr Wow Blacktown!~
    beautiful dimples!~ So much,.!

  16. Inspiring, Determined, Optimistic this is what you are !
    Gab you have truly inspired me to reach higher and to follow my dreams.
    I will be voting for you everyday.

  17. Excellent personality, very confident, high spirited…Phillip M is truly deserving to win Mr Wow Blacktown!

  18. GO GAB !
    We’re all supporting you, everyone from church and all your friends.
    Represent the Philippines. God Bless

  19. Go Gab you have the potential to be a star ! Represent the Philippines.
    You got this you have the confidence and style make us proud.

  20. How can I vote? we can’t find the said circle at the end of this page, just this “Leave a Comment” box

  21. Hello voters, just to clarify that the contestant above are all Australian and some are Filipino’s Australian just like Philip B and Philip M competing for Mr WoW Blacktown. They are just representing different countries for their costume on the day of the coronation on 28 Apr 2012. Thanks.

  22. At the very end of the page there’s like a couple of dots and right next to it should be Philip M of UK then just press the circle and click vote at the bottom.

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