Vote now for who should be Mr Wow Blacktown!

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1. Gabby of Philippines

2. Mihajlo of Serbia

3. Mr Amin of Liberia

4. Philip B of Australia



6. Martin of Korea

7.Selim of Turkey

Vote for who you think should be the “Mr Wow Blacktown” in the poll below! The poll closes on the 28th of April, 2012 at 9am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Vote NOW and make your voice heard!

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  1. Two thumbs for Rosye H : with the spirit “Garuda Didadaku”…… Phil M will leads the Votes…………

  2. to all the people who are saying nasty things to the candidates, could you just please look at yourselves first in the mirror and see how you guys look like? noone is perfect anyway, so better keep your dirty mouths shut!!! you guys got nothing else to do, so you better learn some good manners at all…

  3. My vote goes to Phillip M from Australia! He deserves to win! Lovely dimples, bright eyes… good luck! 🙂

  4. People, please don’t use this site to bully others. Don’t you listen to the news and how cyber-bullying affect teenagers? Let’s all be positive and encourage the young generation to succeed and reach their dreams. The winner is someone who gladly accepts defeat, it is not measured by the awards, medal, trophy or certificates you receive. Goodluck to all the candidates! It’s not about winning, it’s enjoying the moment! Cheers!

  5. First of all to those people who have written negative comments about the
    Contestants grow up this is a competition of fairness not of pulling people
    Down if you don’t nothing positive to say just don’t write it and if there is
    Still negative writing we can trace your ip address just saying. So let us wait
    For tomorrow afternoon who will be crowned i know the judges will pick
    A person who can represent the people of blacktown with there confidence
    Personality and faith in God.

  6. Please guys if you cannot behave properly, you should be the one to stay in your cradle and lock yourself in your rooms, this is not the place for creatures like you! particularly for skinny dick and manpower!!!
    This is just a friendly competition, dont get too personal and jealous on how other candidates looks compared to your candidate, com’on grow up and be civil! Go Philip M of UK and just have fun!!!

  7. Hi! i just wanna say that people shouldn’t say nasty thing to one another this is just a competition. People shouldn’t pull each other down rather they should pull each other up. I’m pretty sure the contestants don’t like what’s happening with their supporters. Be happy abd contented. Happy voting.

  8. Hi Philip M of UK……….. please keep your trade mark………. Smile………Smile…… and…… Smile……..

    Good Luck Phil…………Warm Regards from Indonesia……………

  9. Goodluck Phillip M of UK! Making your mum proud cannot be measured if you win or lose. Just do your best! Mum’s already proud of you! Don’t mind those bullies. This is not Mr. Universe! My advise, have fun and enjoy the moment, win or lose. To me you are already a winner! We’re so proud of you!

  10. @Skinny d**k: So funny how people with hatred heart would say things. Do you know that hate not only destroys people around you, it also erodes your own character? It injures the hater more than it injures the hated. It’s true…so be careful. Just a kind reminder….. xoxo

  11. Hey skinny dick and manpower, wow, come on guys. Don’t be such sore losers :D. Just because you don’t, & can’t ever look like Phillip M of UK does not mean you can bash him up with such harsh words. Come on, get real now. I’d say first of all, stop cheating. Truth be told, I don’t see how Gabby should even be in this competition. He has no charm whatsoever. Selim of Turkey, on the other hand, has an AMAZING gorgeous eyes. As for Phillip M of UK, I love his dimples. So go rant and be jealous. Good luck guys!

  12. Wowww….man power. You sure has the power to destroy.

    Hate speech, bullying, fighting words, name calling, threats, slanderous statements, cruel metaphors & swear words aimed at target Enemies. This violent speech can kill the human spirit , just as guns kill the physical body.

    Remember… this is a healthy competition, not a violent war. No enemies here. it’s not whether you win or lose, it’s how you play the game, buddy. Please be kind with your words.

    God bless all xoxo

  13. How can you have the title of Mr WoW Phil M of UK if you don’t even look like a model. You look so skinny to me compare to our brother Gab he has a model look, tall, handsome and great body. Give up now and stay in your room watch Bananas in Pyjamas. Maybe you learn how to dress more. 🙂

  14. Do u think coz u have dimples u can win this game? C’mon little grommets stay in ur cradle let the adults win this game. U don’t even have the voice 2 sing & sure ur not even man enough to fight like Pacquia. Go Gabby!

  15. Our votes for Phil M of UK, keep smilling! always show those cute dimples!!! you’re on your way there!! Good luck! God Bless!

  16. Im still here for you Phil M of UK. Cheering n supporting you all the way from the distance 🙂 Good luck and hav fun, Phil! Enjoy the rollercoaster ride. Yippyyyy!!!!! God bless u and fam xoxo

  17. hi phil m of uk, win or lose, you’re still the same person in my eyes- a very simple and down to earth person; just keep smiling and don’t worry about this competition.. what matters most is the fact that you have a great time doing your best.., God bless you always…

  18. Phil M of UK, this is just the beginning of your career. You have a lot to learn but the future is already smiling on you. Use this experience as your stepping stone. This is just a score don’t give up now, your future is waiting for you. Keep up and enjoy the show. Goodluck!

  19. Gabe Amor,

    You are one amazing talent and your family and friends support you very much. Keep singing for God and never give up on your dreams! You have a beautiful heart!

    We love you!

  20. @Chika & @Abuzo! DOn’t judge a book by its cover you! Who do u think you are anyway? I know EXACTLY who both of you are if you ever say anything about Gabe again or anyone for that matter, I will let the entire world know who you both are so back off!!!

  21. Hi, Phil M of UK. I know you can make it. It is in your blood. You’re making your mom so proud of you. Go for it, Phil!

  22. The winner deserves the title and the voters please keep your votes clean. Don’t write any negative comments about the candidates private life. Let this event be a friendly competition for all aspiring teenagers/models, Let’s be fair and just. God bless. PM mum

  23. We want fair and square so please respect each other’s private life. May the best man win this fairly and nicely. Nothing good will come if we write bad things. Let’s all be happy and pray for a nice sunny weather and hope the WoW Multi Fair event becomes a successful good day for whatever outcome. (PM of UK’s mum)

  24. Go Gabby! The people who are speaking negative about you just rub them off there just trying to put you downbelieve in yourself and you will succeed ate gen x

  25. #abuzo don’t judge you stereotypical dunbass I bet your insecure about yourself!
    Go Gabby you can do it kuya joe

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