YouTube Artist of the Month – June 2012 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the YouTube Artist of the month! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the YouTube Artists of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!

1. Rhett Price

He may have played violin since he was 4 years old, but six months ago, Rhett Price was living under his friend’s kitchen table, playing violin on the bridge of the Boston Public Gardens during the day, and saving every penny for a plane flight to Austin, Texas. Two months later, he joined the Texas chart-topping Bart Crow Band, playing in front of crowds as big as 9,000 and with bands as big as Eli Young Band, who won Song of The Year at this year’s ACM awards. While not on the road with BCB, Price uploads cover videos to YouTube, garnering just over 100,000 views to date. His most popular cover, of Breathe Carolina’s “Blackout”, was posted on Facebook and Twitter by Fearless Records (to whom Breathe Carolina are signed), gaining over 10,000 views in less than a week. Rhett’s biggest dream is to play a solo show at Madison Square Garden for his YouTube followers and fans.

YouTube Channel:

2. Patricia

Patricia is a 23 years old drafter/ estimator; she was originally born in the Philippines but was raised in Australia since she was 2 years old. She’s normally a quite person but she can also be a bit of a ‘goofball’ sometimes. She’s had a strange addiction with watching beauty gurus, style and fashion videos for the longest time until her boyfriend finally convinced her to create her own YouTube channel and she did. Her channel consists mainly of ‘how to’ videos on mostly makeup tutorials but sometimes she delves into other topics such as food in a fun, random way.

YouTube Channel:

3. Pat Simeon

Pat Simeon is a 20-year old singer-songwriter from Toronto, Canada. He has been a performer for just over 2 years, and throughout those times he has been blessed with many opportunities to be able to share his music to the public. He has performed all over the GTA, and have joined and won competitions such as Kollaboration Toronto and Yorkdale’s Got Talent, which have all helped increase his fan base. He delivers an acoustic R&B sound, and also delivers many unique renditions of today’s songs, which sets his identity in music.

YouTube Channel:

4. Inno Genga

Inno Genga is an 18 year old British/Asian artist who hails from UK. He started song writing at just 16 years old, and producing at an even earlier age of 14 years old – he actually writes, produces, and sings all of his songs and covers. He just started his own YouTube channel but he is aspiring to be someone unique and popular in the music industry one day.

YouTube Channel:

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  1. wow sai. can u be anymore rude and one is hatin on emilys talent..theyr not saying that she is a bad singer nor saying she has no talent. and for u to start bagging out other people in this competition in the way u did is not cool..i know ur rootin for emily but jeez..dun mean u gota put pple down with theyr own individual talents. grow up and show some respect for the other contestants.

  2. wow someone’s getting a little angry hahaha u angry coz its true? Does showing aggressiveness and letting everyone else in the competition down make you feel better? haha well watever floats your boat.

    Sai, may God bless you even more than “DeeDee”. 🙂

  3. Well, Emily is my most favourite contestant. Apart from talents, she’s a star in every meaning of the word! I personally wanna see her get there. Why? The psychology of her music hits me more. Emily, U have a large heart! Ur music’s got verve! So my word is: Fly Angel!

  4. You are all retarded! Emily is clearly the best musical talent in this competition! And in regards to veiws and votes, just because you veiw the artist’s videos, does not mean you have to vote for them. How many people do you think veiw the videos and dont vote? I don’t have a youtube account yet i can still vote, veiw and leave comments! I have veiwed everyones videos and have decided to give my vote to emily for her raw talent. Even if she doesnt win this comp, i have no doubt the world will hear more of her! Inno your version of climax was flat and it sounded like you were struggling. And if you want to see a true make up artist check out michelle phan. She is amazing at what she does! Marz! Have you even veiwed everyones videos? If so, who did you vote for? Do you think veiws are equal to votes? If that was the case the tally would be very different wouldnt it? And as far as subscribers go, who gives a f*#&!!! Besides it seems like the option is there to vote once a day. Why would people veiw the same video everyday! Thumbs up to pat simeon for his cover. I liked it more than the original but i think emily has the best voice in this competition. good luck everyone.

  5. AMAZING! Voice princess Emily..would love to hear more female cover cause i believe you have all the talen
    in the world to sing anything you want with conviction and professionalism. Your the only one in this comp
    who sings with feeling and emotion.

  6. How does Rhett Price have over 100,000 youtube views but he only gets 60 votes, and then Emily has a mere 400 youtube views, yet she has 814 votes? It’s quite obvious that this is completely rigged.

  7. Vote for Patricia Peeps!! She is the only one who would make you finally know that you can get an eye liner for $3 instead of paying $36 before!! They exist seriously! Who would make fashion accessible : referrig to her last hawl before her melbourne trip! The only one to make you laugh and enjoy all her videos! As a friend, she is the best of the bestie and she is THE friend of the month, the year, of my life! She is passionate about what she does and she is not looking for perfection and admits when her camera is making weird sounds because she is looking to give us girls tips that we can apply for everyday! She just wants to have fun and this beauty guru is true and 100%! she spends a lot of time editing her videos and her videos represent her fun escape when her bf is playing diablo tree (dammit can’t get her to play just like me) one vote = one heart one love. Be supportive, share the love & always be true to yourself so vote for MzPyjamas aka Patricia!!!! I love you xx

  8. Oh my goodness!! What does it matter to you whether Emily has more votes than views? Anyone would think you had a stake in this competition. I mean the way you insinuate with such conviction, what do you stand to lose by Em having the most votes anyway… hmmm? Last i checked this competition was about votes not views.She has obviously been selected as a candidate for a reason??And if you stalked her better then you would know that she is very new to you tube and so of course her subscribers/ votes don’t compare with those that have been on for many years but that doesn’t make her any less talented. Emily has been writing her own songs and music since she was young, in fact her whole family is very musically talented. The fact that she don’t have all the technical gadgets to impress is why we like her so much. She’s real & honest. We wish no malice to the other competitors we just want Em to know that we support her without small minded people as yourself putting her down . Oh and her family dont need to view her videos, they know she has talent. Good luck to all candidates… Em be free of this tormentor, you are just as deserving of this opportunity. We wish you every success.

  9. Emily obviously is as talented as all the rest otherwise she wouldn’t have been choosing by the magazine

  10. Funny how she supposedly has more ‘supporters’ here than her actual youtube channel.

    and “DeeDee” regards to your first post.. if you watched and visited everyone’s channels.. you will see that they are not ALL singers. just referring to your post how you said “Look everyone involved in this competition is talented, you can all sing”.

    Clearly your all talk. may god bless you more honey.

  11. ahah ! DeeDee your a crackup :L their shouldn’t be any violence its just a vote right? anyways good luck to everyone 🙂 and have a good day inspired by DeeDee .

  12. RHETT PRICE so deserves this honor people. Take a moment to experience his innovative talent and you will never want to leave! I promise you will not be disappointed!

  13. sorry to burst your bubble but people without accounts still count as part of the views. As long as they have a device/computer with an IP address.. it will still count. And every device/computer must have an IP address in order to connect to the internet. Maybe do some research first.

  14. You can view a video on youtube without having an account which means you also dont have to subscribe thats why her videos have that amount of views. which obviously means people like her. Go Emily WE believe in you

  15. You can view a video on youtube without having an account which means you also dont have to subscribe thats why her videos have that amount of views. which obviously means people like her. Go Emily WE believe ib you

  16. ok DeeDee, if these people ‘can’t be bothered subscribing’ or they don’t have an account… can you explain the 360 channel views she has?? with an average of 12 views per video????????????? Clearly her ‘huge family’ has the time to actually see her videos

  17. Very well said DeeDee 🙂
    Emily don’t be disheartened by other’s negativity, you are just as worthy…

  18. Princess Emily hmm, yeah i know her shes pree awesome & far she can sing but what i dont get it why do people wannr hate on her? Shes talented right? Well i think so.. Look everyone involved in this competition is talented, you can all sing ! but seriously who cares if someone has how many votes but less subscribers it doesnt matter about the subscribers do you really think that if you had “50 subscribers” they will all vote for you? i dont because majority of the people that go on youtube dont have an account or cant be bothered subscribing but yet they still like the artist on youtube? See with Emily she has a “huge” family yeah she has “4 subscribers” but with her family as a backup she has a whole village voting for her aha :L Emily to me you are an amazing person ! and no matter what happens (win or lose) you will always be my superstar 🙂

  19. He is different with a very unique voice. he has amazing covers and does write his own music!!!! watch his videos and subscribe to his channel now !!!! VOTE INNO


  21. No need to hate on her, seriously!! What a fine example truly 🙁
    Anyway they say that the one who does the accusing is usually the one doing it. Something for voters to think about, hey?
    dw Em the lord see and the lord knows the truth. Keep on with that soldier spirit of yours.

  22. I think patricia is the real youtuber here. She shows diversity, humour and entertainment. Her personality is amazing and always a joy to watch. You can tell she works really hard by the production of her videos.

  23. Well done Emz what a true blessing. We’ll be rooting for you…all da way! Take it home girlfriend :-p

  24. I think youtuber of the month should at least have a decent amount of subscribesr. And i reckon this emily person is writing her own comments to herself lol

  25. GO PJ GO your commitment and dedication is slowly paying off. Your an amazing artist in general. I hope you win. Xox go super twins haha

  26. Cheers to you Emily.. you’re a true inspiration. Its not about the equipment & anyone who has been blessed to hear your voice up close knows that you have a true gift that should be shared. The best of luck to you.

  27. JE VEUX PATRICIA!! US french people love her!! She is so funny and pretty! Allez Patricia! Go PJ! We love you!

  28. LET’S GO PAT SIMEON! This dude is beyond talented. In this magazine or not, he’ll be famous! Take in his YouTube videos before you blindly vote peeps

  29. aww come on now, is it really the case that you must have subscribers = voters ??
    maybe she has a huge network away from youtube called family!

  30. He is the best to be considered
    Assuring my Blessings and wishing him all the Best in the years to come
    Colombo 06,
    Sri Lanka

  31. How does ‘Princess Emily Lorraine Waqatairewa’ have 306 votes even though she has only FOUR subscribers on YouTube :/ Thats more votes that video views :S

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