Sexiest Men of the Month – July 2012 Edition

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1. Jase R

2. Tyler Collins

Tyler Collins has been in the modelling scene for around a year now and he is very passionate about health and fitness. He has been involved in a number of projects which includes a series of monthly shoots for the ‘teamm8’ clothing line and an overseas contract to the UK for the clothing line ‘Todger’. Tyler is also due to travel to QLD for a photo exhibition towards the end of the year.

4. CJ Lee

Lee is a multi-talented and multi-lingual Malaysia born Chinese. He currently resides in New Zealand where he operates his personal training business as well as working towards becoming a successful actor and stunt performer. Though having spent a decade in the western world, Lee still embraces his culture through the practice of Chinese Wushu which is a traditional performance based martial art and Chinese lion and dragon dance.

5. Danen E

Danen Engelenberg is 20 year old model who has big dreams of making it as a successful actor one day. He just recently finished acting in a few university student films, one of which is a noteworthy film for TAFE called ‘The Witness’ and he was cast as an extra in ‘YAGAN’ which will be airing on ABC next year. He also just recently started modelling for CSA Australia and about a week ago he performed in a play called ‘Mine’ which was directed by Renato Fabretti – the play received 4/5 stars according to reviews so he felt honoured to have been a part of it. He considers everything related to the entertainment field an achievement whether it be big or small because he always learns something new from each experience.

6. Ramis




Ramis Issac believes that moving to Australia was an accomplishment on its own because ever since he arrived in Australia he has been involved in so many projects which have helped build his career. He was one of the 12 Hottest Hunks in the Hottest Hunk Competition 2012 by Blush Photography, he was one of the models in the Loreal Melbourne Fashion show 2012, and he has also played a role in the TV series Neighbours as well as Mrs Bigs Brazilian Series – he is due to be seen in the new John Doe thriller movie which will be coming out at the Cinemas this year. He was also a presenter at Radio Northwest Fm 98.9 radio station.

7. Khanh

Khanh is confident, hardworking and highly adaptable actor and musician. He won the ‘Make Your Mark NYEX film competition’ back to back in 2010 and 2011 and he actually received a talent scholarship to the New York Film Academy back in 2010. He has experience in film, television, print, internet and even theatre. His recent highlights include appearances on ABC’s ‘The Hamster Wheel’, Fox 8’s ‘Australia’s Next Top Model’ and SBS’s ‘Housos’. He is currently developing a broader and more impressive portfolio and he is hoping to enrich people’s lives through his performances and show time spirit.

8. Brad Marsh

Brad Marsh is a self-confessed fitness fanatic who has competed internationally in Athletics, Gymastics and Paintball. He is a part-time fitness and commercial model and he has worked on a variety of projects throughout 2012. He was featured in a 2 page spread for G-Life Magazine for issue #9 as part of a semi-nude body paint exhibition, he was the cover model for Paintball Scene Magazine, he has done some work for ‘Running Fitness’ and he has even appeared on MTV!

9. Lee

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