Fashionistas of the Month – August 2012 Edition

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Brandy actually got into beauty and fashion at a very young age. She initially found her love for fashion back in her high school days – her inspiration came from watching “The Hills” (well mainly Lauren Conrad). From then on she started building her own sense of style. She started planning various outfits and uploading blog posts and DIY projects and she also started posting everything in YouTube- her creativity continued to evolve as her passion continued to grow. She’s happy that she’s able to share her passion worldwide with people who have the same interest. With fashion she is able to express herself, play with different colours, and just be creative in general. Not only is it fun for brandy, Fashion somehow makes her feel powerful!

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2. Claire Xiong

Claire initially got started by randomly entering makeup and fashion contests not ever thinking that others would actually gain any interest in her passion – she started gaining subscribers as she continued to win multiple contests. She has a great passion for fashion and makeup because it’s a great way for her to express her talent and let her imagination create something unique. She doesn’t have just one particular trend that identifies her sense of style because she likes to change it up every now and then. Her style can vary from vintage, to boho, to feminine, to bold, to even chic or sexy. She believes that you don’t always have to spend big bucks on new trends to be up to date with fashion; she sometimes even takes a fun route where she transforms older clothing into something quite modern. She loves exploring new trends and new ways to style everyday outfits. She is also extremely thankful to all her loyal subscribers and followers – they are what keeps her motivated and pushes her to continue making videos. She loves all the fashionistas out there and you can stay tuned to her YouTube channel for more ideas, modern trends, and styling tips.

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3. Melissa Ann

Melissa Ann was born and raised in Northern California where she grew up shooting and editing videos for her dad’s film business. She considers her parents as her inspiration, her parents inspires her to be creative and makes her believe that she can do anything in life. As YouTube’s popularity soared throughout the years, she decided to use this medium and start her own channel where she can give her own opinion and styling ideas for people to see. The first videos she watched on YouTube were created by Michelle Phan – Michelle’s videos really inspired her to do what she loves. She then went to school for fashion design in San Francisco and decided to focus on the styling and film aspect of the industry. Right now she is currently pursuing a film job in the fashion industry.

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4: Tania

Tania is a 21 year old textile student who hails from Scotland living in Brighton. She has been making YouTube videos for just over a year and this year she also started a blog. She loves fashion, nail art and food. Most of her videos consists of showing outfits and hauls as well as the occasional nail tutorial. Her blog is more of a lifestyle blog though, but lately she has been increasing the amount of fashion related content in her blog. Fashion and clothes is her first love and she feels that writing or making videos on any related subject is really fun. She feels that having a YouTube channel is just like having an online visual diary of her life and wardrobe that she can add to and share with others.

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