Groups/Duos of the Month – August 2012 Edition

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1.Jo and the Dudes

Jo and the Dudes is a band that was founded back in 2011 in Amberg, Bavaria, Germany. Two acoustic guitars, a piano and percussions playing in a band together may be nothing out of the ordinary, but what makes this band extraordinary is the fact that all four members sing together in perfect harmony which creates a unique listening experience.

YouTube Channel:

2. Great Integration: A Chamber Hip Hop Opera

Great Integration fearlessly merges the genres of hip hop and classical music, transcending the reductive black/white dichotomy of modern hip hop. Steinway artist and composer JooWan Kim is a classically-trained graduate of Berklee College of Music and SF Conservatory of Music. Partially inspired by the Mayan calendar prophecies, Kim’s hip hop opera tells an allegorical saga of the conquering of the material lords and the birth of a new world paradigm. Great Integration is performed by JooWan’s very own Ensemble Mik Nawooj, an 8-piece chamber orchestra made up of flute, cello, clarinet, violin, bass, and deep funk drums, along with two MCs and composer Kim on piano. They have generated both shock and praise from audiences and critics alike for its uncompromising blend of rap and classical.They have packed venues such as Yoshi’s SF and Old First Concerts in SF, and has had several sold out concerts at the Oakland Metro Operahouse. In addition, the hip hop opera has been featured on The New Yorker, NPR, SF Chronicle, Flavorpill & more.

Follow them on or twitter @miknawooj

3. Bianca & Page

Bianca & Page are a duo of best friends, they are both 20 years old and they hail from Charleston, SC. They also both love singing, writing and recording all genres of music. They became friends during their sophomore year of high school and they are still going strong as they head off into their junior year at Charleston College. They have performed in number of venues including places such as the Music Farm of Charleston, Hub-Bub of Spartanburg and many more. They love performing in the streets of downtown Charleston where they get to sing covers and originals while swarms of people crowd around to watch them. They may be complete opposites but they share the same passion in sharing their music with the rest of the world.

YouTube Channel:

4. AmorKimet

AmorKimet (loves-fate) is made up of two sisters that loves satisfying their listeners with a new sound. They are aged 18, 20, and 23 years old respectively and they have a unique talent because they compose all of their music. Pop, Acoustic, R&B and Christian music are just some of their favorite music and they always make an effort to be the very best in playing the guitar and the Congos. They have composed over 30 songs which were all inspired by their everyday lives and is aimed at uplifting the lives of people who are going through a tough time. Their music is healing to the mind and comfort to the soul – its fun, it makes you laugh and reminds you of happy times in life.

YouTube Channel:

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  1. Amorkismet are so beautiful, talented females. there music is great and healin to the soul. we need more music like that. Keep it up ladies stay,positive and beautiful. Can wait to hear yall sing again!!!!

  2. I have watch these two ladies develop and grow from young high school girls to amazing talented women with a outstanding talen. I am so proud of both of them. Go Girls. Donny Loves you.

  3. Amor Kismet have very great voices. I love their music. I have been very delighted to hear them sing.

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