Sexiest Men of the Year – 2012 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the Sexiest Man of the year for 2012! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the Sexiest Men of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogative comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!

1. Matthew Monda (Australia)

Matthew was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia – he grew up in the North Eastern suburbs of Melbourne. He’s a personal trainer, a group fitness instructor and a gymnastics coach at Macleod YMCA, he has a real passion and enthusiasm for helping people achieve their health and wellness goals. He trains 5-6 days a week to keep fit and healthy with a mixture of training styles like weight training, running, gymnastics and Crossfit. In his spare time Matthew loves the outdoors heading down to the coast for a surf or to one of the many rock climbing sites Victoria has to offer.

2. Dean Blackwell (Australia)



Dean Blackwell is a down to earth, happy, enthusiastic and positive person. He has been in several shoots for ‘Teamm8’ and ‘2wink Australia’, he has appeared on the cover of a South African magazine called ‘Trend Frenzy’ and he will be heading over there this September for a campaign with ‘Bone Wear’ and a shoot with Dylan Kruger.

3. Brad Marsh (UK)

Brad Marsh is a self-confessed fitness fanatic who has competed internationally in Athletics, Gymastics and Paintball. He is a part-time fitness and commercial model and he has worked on a variety of projects throughout 2012. He was featured in a 2 page spread for G-Life Magazine for issue #9 as part of a semi-nude body paint exhibition, he was the cover model for Paintball Scene Magazine, he has done some work for ‘Running Fitness’ and he has even appeared on MTV!

4. Christopher Cote (Quebec)

Christopher Côté hails from Quebec City, Quebec, he is of East Indian and French Canadian descent. He works at a local gym, models and goes to school; many times he tackles all of these within the same week! He has worked on a number of projects since he began modeling professionally. He has had the pleasure of working with some great Canadian and American photographers and he is also an independent distributor for Visalus natural supplements.

5. Daniel Berenger (Australia)


Daniel Berenger is a 23 year old model who works full time as a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer for a regional airline in Perth Western Australia – he is also getting into acting and modelling. He was originally born and raised in Zimbabwe and then he moved to Perth with his family when he was 13. He enjoys keeping himself physically active and he loves to challenge himself by trying new things.


6. Ramis (Australia)





Ramis Issac believes that moving to Australia was an accomplishment on its own because ever since he arrived in Australia he has been involved in so many projects which have helped build his career. He was one of the 12 Hottest Hunks in the Hottest Hunk Competition 2012 by Blush Photography, he was one of the models in the Loreal Melbourne Fashion show 2012, and he has also played a role in the TV series Neighbours as well as Mrs Bigs Brazilian Series – he is due to be seen in the new John Doe thriller movie which will be coming out at the Cinemas this year. He was also a presenter at Radio Northwest Fm 98.9 radio station.

7. Tyson Collins

Tyson Collins is a man who loves to travel; he has in fact travelled across Europe, Africa, America and Asia. He loves exploring new cities and countries and just getting away from the typical tourist attractions and embracing the local cultures and people. He has done a range of different projects for television, clothing companies, lifestyle photography companies and various catalogue works.

8. Curtis Lyons


Curtis Lyon is a 23 years old part time model who works nights for a parcel company. In his spare time he enjoys looking after his puppy, going for long walks and keeping fit and healthy.

9. Florian Tarpinian (France)


Florian is a 18 year old French male model who is currently studying a Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Science at the University of the Sunshine Coast. He is originally from France but he moved to Australia 5 years ago where he started working in the entertainment industry. He’s a very active person who participates in various kinds of sports such as tennis, gym, golf, soccer and running. He also sings and plays several musical instruments because music is the most fundamental part of his life. He already has much experience within the entertainment industry but he would still love to further this experience. He is dedicated, very professional and always willing to bring 110% effort in everything he does.

10. Adam Dear

Adam Dear is currently 28 years old and he has been performing since he was nine years old. He started out in street theatre and has since then become more involved in stage and film productions through his experience as an actor, model, singer and dancer. He made a big move from Perth to Sydney early last year to further his development as a performing artist.

11. Rafi Jello

Rafi Jello is a 22 year old model who is currently a student studying hairdressing and works as a barista. Rafi is of Iraqi background.

12. Scott Pearson (UK)

Scott Pearson is a 24 years old model who hails from UK and is currently living in Norwich in Norfolk. He is very confident, down to earth, funny, charming, sweet and he gets on well with everyone. He’s been a full time profesional model for nearly 3 years now and he is a massive gym freak. He loves sports and he also considers himself as a charmer when it comes to the ladies.

13. Luel Asbardha (London)

At the tender age of 6 years old Luel moved to London with his mother, father and older brother in search of greener pastures. Living in London wasn’t easy in the beginning especially since he had to settle into a new school, learn English straight away as well as battle with daily prejudices. As years went by though, Luel’s strong, determined and confident nature helped him break through barriers and become the person he is today. Those who get the opportunity to work with this mature 19 year old model are usually left extremely satisfied because he is very professional and dedicated in his work. Off camera his hobbies are boxing and basketball. He also loves keeping fit, maintaining a healthy lifestyle and spending time with the family. He is not looking for fame or fortune because he believes that fame and fortune is just temporary, he is looking to make an impact.

14. Lucas (Australia)

Luke is just 19 years old yet he has lived in various parts of the world already. He first started to pursue modeling and acting when he used to work in a bagel shop and all his customers would come in and compliment him telling him that he should pursue modelling or acting. He was always a very big athlete and he never imagined himself as a model or actor but one day he just decided to go for it! He’s a very big dreamer, he loves traveling, and he plans on pursuing his new passion – modelling and acting!

15. Calum Windsor (Australia)

Calum is a 24 years old model and professional dancer who is currently studying health science – he lives in North Bondi in Sydney, Australia. He rows for the North Bondi Surf Club and he is very much into health and exercise.

16. Sidney Herrington

Sidney Herrington is a first generation Australian whose family originated from Africa (Zimbabwe). He is currently a student studying Engineering at Curtin University, Perth Australia and he considers himself to be a very active person partaking in extracurricular activities such as martial arts, free running (Gymnastics) and dancing (Hip Hop).

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