Fashionistas of the Year – 2012 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the Fashionista of the year for 2012! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the Fashionistas of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogative comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!

1. Fay Birmingham (UK)

Fay Burmingham is an18 year old Fashionista who has just finished college on A Levels! She works part-time as a waitress and works full time on her YouTube and Blog site. Her YouTube channel is all about beauty, fashion, hair styling and advice. She loves fashion and creating online content where she can share her thoughts and ideas on the latest trends – she considers receiving comments and interacting with other people from all over the world a very unique experience. She also feels that sharing all different styles is extremely fun and interesting. She likes keeping her channel light hearted and fun, she mostly does haul videos (which is showing the latest things she has bought), and advice videos which can range from advice on starting on a new school to dealing with body image to beauty videos and hair styling videos.

YouTube Channel:


2. Kristin (Strawberriespls) (US)

Kristin aka “Strawberriespls” films fashion videos showing her viewers/subscribers what she would wear during different seasons and holidays hoping to inspire and help them put together their own outfits. Most of the time she films fashion videos on how she styles one clothing piece though because she wants to show her viewers/subscribers that you don’t need a lot of clothes in order to put together different outfits. She also has a blog where she shares all of her pictures featuring the outfits from her fashion videos as well as makeup and skincare reviews. Besides filming, taking pictures, and editing, she also makes cute accessories. In fact, she recently released her online shop which features cute handmade iPhone accessories and jewelry pieces.

YouTube channel:

3. Ariel (US)

Ariel is an 18 year old freshman in college who wishes she could naturally rock luscious red locks. When she’s not making videos she’s usually on a spontaneous adventure with her best friend Flounder or getting yelled at by Sebastian. Her YouTube channel consists of thrifting videos, lookbooks, diys, vlogs, hauls, and other occasional surprises.

YouTube channel:

4. Elysa Cramer (Australia)

Elysa was born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, she’s currently 19 years old. Fashion is an essential part of her life and she finds that YouTube is such a great platform to share her style. She doesn’t believe that there is a right or wrong to style, it’s more what you wear which is individual to you.

YouTube channel:

5. March Agraviador from the ThePtownGirls (US)

March currently resides in Portland Oregon but was born and raised in Manila, Philippines. Besides being very passionate about Fashion and Art she’s also a mother to an amazing 7 year old girl named Crea.

YouTube channel:

6. Thrift Shop girl KT

Katie is a polished edge with a dash of quirk. Nearly her entire wardrobe is thrifted – she can get pretty creative without breaking the bank. She loves experimenting with style, she believes that thrift shops are a great way to try out many different genres.

YouTube channel:


7. Kimberley (Scotland)

Kimberley aka “FastidiousFashion” is a Scottish YouTube artist with a crazy love for clothes – she usually films in her humble abode. Her channel is home for fashion lovers to collide in perfect harmony.

YouTube Channel:

8. K1tCatSayz (US)

Four years ago k1tcatsayz was just a young high school girl who sat behind the computer watching notable fashion and beauty gurus on YouTube, now she’s living her dreams and aspiring to become one of them. She has become such a beauty and fashion junkie that she’s decided to share his tips and ideas to women all over the world. She loves teaching her techniques and tricks as well as learning from others. She puts a lot of effort into her videos hoping that her viewers will learn a little bit more about her kind of style.

YouTube channel:

Vote for who you think should be the “Fashionista of the Year” in the poll below! The winner will appear in our website and the cover of our magazine along with the 2012 Hot list! The poll closes on the 30th of January, 2013 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Vote NOW and make your voice heard!

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