Female Soloists of the Year – 2012 Edition

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1. Gabriela R (US)

Gabriela R hails from a family of music lovers hence the reason why she has been singing since she was a little kid. She learned her first notes at home but eventually she received formal training from several music academies. She considers music as her professional language and even though she had musical schooling, she still believes that performing before a live audience is what has enhanced her singing voice and has been her greatest vehicle for artistic expression. To complement her voice, she also underwent extensive training on various dance styles such as tap, hip hop and modern. She is also a part of a pop vocal trio which has produced 2 albums for Sony Music to date and she has already performed on TV, on stage as well as on live concerts. Her professional goal is to simply use her voice as an instrument of happiness.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M-aI2a7Bmqk&hd=1

2. Katy Coffey (UK)


Katy Coffey is a singer/songwriter who hails from Manchester. Her love for music and performing started at a very early age when she started attending dance classes and acting classes, taking part in local musical theatre productions as well as entering various singing competitions and performing at several showcases. It was at the age of 11 when she began writing her own songs, for her it was an escape from the hustle and bustle of the daily grind and a way of expressing herself. She often writes her songs on her piano at home or over a track beat and her style varies from pop dance to very stripped down acoustic and light rock/pop. She is also no stranger to the stage as she has performed all over the country in front of massive audiences. She was even featured on the “Clubland 16” cd when she added her vocals to the flip n fill version of “Sunshine after the rain” which lead her to doing various PA appearances and performances in numerous clubs all over UK. With her good looks, sheer talent and hard work ethics, Katy is guaranteed to make an impact in the music industry.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HhnvNZ2pbxM

3. Mae Sta (Australia)

Mae Sta is vocally an exciting cross between the classically soulful Etta James and the new age edgy songstress Kelis. She is a singer and songwriter who prides herself on originality whilst remaining true to the pop music style and the way it makes its listeners feel. Though Mae’s journey has been paved with many different experiences like making it to Singapore Idol’s Top 7 and working as a radio presenter, she has always written music. From the age of 9 when she rhymed almost every song with “you “ and “I feel blue” to refining her song writing skills at the Berklee College of Music, she freely crafts her songs with so much emotion and truth sure to be felt by her audience. With the release of the “Love Mae Sta” mixtape and her upcoming self-titled debut Album “Mae Sta”, the stage is now set for a new type of Pop Star, one that is completely authentic and not manufactured to fit a mould.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/embed/kIuzotQKzts?rel=0

4. Kortni aka Sour Cherry (UK)

Sour Cherry originally hails from the music city of Sheffield. She is a singer and songwriter who writes and sings about pretty much anything and everything that comes to mind. Like most artists she believes that she is attention seeking, self-obsessed and always looking for praise so she wants her fans to show her some love!

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h3IJLtnBcRs

6. Amanda Berglund (UK)

Amanda Berglund aka Mandy Beem is a 24 year old Swede who moved to London to pursue her dream of becoming a professional singer someday. She grew up in Stockholm and as a kid she has always expressed herself through music and writing. After she finished college she decided to pursue her dream of getting out there, creating music and showing her talent to the rest of the world. She has a wonderful gift of creating the lyrics to a song, finding the feeling in those lyrics, developing the song into a melody, adding harmony and then telling the story.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=GbtIGM4AqLo

7. Millie Campaña (Argentina)

Millie is an Argentinean singer and dancer. She is a powerful rock-pop singer but she is also very versatile so she can manage other styles as well. She has undergone extensive dancing training, she loves performing live and she really puts a lot of energy into everything she does. Amazingly enough, she is fluent in four languages, she hails from a Latino background and she has travelled all over the world – she uses her life experiences as an inspiration in her performances and this is what makes her style unique. She has a lot of experience working on board Cruise Ships such as MSC, Costa and Ibero as a production singer, she has worked in a musical theatre in Buenos Aires and she was also worked on a number of Latino American Tours such as “Barbie Live!”,” Las Despotas” and” High school Musical.” In addition, she has recorded jingles and advertising music for “Musica Diet” and she also works as a lead singer in different musical bands in Buenos Aires performing in noteworthy hotels such as Hilton, Sheraton and Four Seasons as well as Disney Argentina.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eHdIJzcx-B0&feature=relmfu

8. Danni Grantford (Australia)

Danni has recently graduated from the ‘Victorian College of the Arts Secondary School’ where she majored in contemporary voice studies and attended a vocal scholarship. During her time there she performed at many renowned venues such as ‘Bennett’s Lane’ and ‘Dizzy’s Jazz Club’ and even the ‘Melbourne Recital Center’ where she sang the Les Miserables segment solo. She has also done quite a few recordings during her time there including two at the 3MBS radio station, one of which was with the famous jazz pianist Tony Gould. She also does lots of composition, writing both pop style songs that she performs and orchestral film scores.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dP9EuJiqs1U

9. Jennivere Song (US)



Born in Queens to Korean parents, Jennivere is a first generation Korean American. From an early age Jennivere already had a strong passion for the arts. She took tap, jazz and ballet classes throughout her childhood as well as piano, singing lessons and as art classes and she even made costumes for church plays. She comes from a musical family with several of her aunts and her mother being gifted singers and musicians and her vocal range is between contralto and mezzo soprano. Her first love has always been writing and poetry which she uses as lyrics for her songs. Her song “Perfect Life” will be released via an award winning producers’ new digital label. You can also hear some of her songs on the Happy Hollowdays film soundtrack which features the coolest indie rock bands, up and coming artists, chart toppers and famous composers from all over the world such as the U.K, Russia, Korea, Pakistan, South America and NYC. She is currently working on her album of original electronic songs. JenniVere is also a film maker/ writer/ actor/ artist. In fact she is the writer, director, producer, editor, actor and a soundtrack artist in www.happyhollowdaysfilm.com. You can email her on Jenniveresonglee@gmail.com if you need an opening/ closing act.

Link: www.soundcloud.com/jennivere

Website: www.jennivere.com

10. Kate R (Australia)

Kate is a singer, songwriter and model who runs her own personal training gym and mobile business. She is currently in the middle of producing songs for her upcoming album. She loves dancing, performing, singing, recording and song writing as this her big passion in life and one day she wants to be a top selling artist.

YouTube Link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3tsGYGgTYA0&list=UUa8K5K3GWEXgCFISfLgD1dQ&index=5

11. Linda G (Greece)

Linda is a singer/songwriter who hails from Greece. Her style can be described as a cross between Pop, RnB and soulful music.

YouTube Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MlnLaXukbMU

12. Amy Sinha (UK)

Amy is a passionate, lively and bubbly singer who loves singing all types of music, especially Jazz & Soul. She currently has an album out at the moment as well as a dance remix for one of the songs she has written.

Website: www.amysinha.com

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  2. MILLIE CAMPAÑA, the Argentinian, life, sweetness and powerful singer l!! …..”MILLIE: Soloist of the Year”!!!!!


  4. Amy should win. She has the best voice and no gimmicks. Lots of support judging by the comments here aswell.

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