Most Promising Female Actresses Of The Month – March 2013 Edition

Vote now for who you think should be the Most Promising Female Actress of the month for March 2013! If you feel that you or someone you know deserves to be a featured as one of the Most Promising Female Actresses of the month then let our talent coordinator know by emailing and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogative comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!

1.  Tanya Stone (Australia)


Tanya Stone loves the entertainment industry, in particular – films and presenting. Back in 2009/2010 she trained at the Screenwise, Australia (Surry Hills, Sydney) completing a beginners, intermediate and advanced courses in Screen Acting. Late 2010 she completed an Audition/Casting Directors Workshop conducted by Australia’s leading Casting Directors (Kari Harris, Tim Littleton, Leigh Pickford, & Ben Parkinson to name a few). She landed her first guest role appearance on Rescue Special Ops as Brie Sagan in March 2011. Some of her recent acting/presenting credits include appearances on MTV/Viva ‘Young At Heart’ TVC, she was also a Pearson Product Presenter and a Make My Series Presenter and she also appeared on the Channel V ‘Stage Dive’ TVC. While acting is Tanya’s main objective, she’s also had a successful career in modelling, with experiences in runway, lookbooks and editorials. She has appeared in UK Vogue Cloverlove, Schwarzkopf TVC & Print, Marie Claire and she was an endorser of Decathlon (French Sportswear) and Oscar Wylee Eyewear.

2. Joanna Kedziora (Australia)


Joanna has had a passion for acting at a very young age and thus had training in both speech communication and drama/performance from the year 1999-2012 at the Australian Music Examination Board – she has actually achieved honours in her annual end of year exams. During her school years she had found it difficult to audition for acting jobs (as she did experience first-hand how difficult it was to juggle school and acting when she scored a role as an extra in ‘SLAG: Best Enemies) and thus, she didn’t want her own schooling to suffer. She has a personal drive towards television acting as she is interested in shows such as Sherlock and Doctor Who. She has also taken her passion of acting to the YouTube stage (username Joanna Eve) this is where she acts out a variety of monologues upon audience request – it is a way for her to entertain people as well as gain experience on what it is like to be on a public platform.

3. Hannah Clair Buck (Australia)


Hannah Clair Buck is an extremist, enthusiast and all round people pleaser. Her love for acting is derived from her outrageous, energetic and down to earth personality, which continues to push her to strive to become a renowned actress. She’s had brief appearances at the K9 Television Show and Runway Modelling for Bridal Shows and she is currently represented by Exclusive Talent Management Agency. She is a thriving acting enthusiast who is always looking for a chance to spread her wings.

4. Renee Dallas (Australia)

Rene Dallas2

Renee is a highly trained actor and dancer who hails from Brisbane, Australia – she currently has 18 years of industry experience under her belt. In 2012 she completed her Advanced Diploma in Stage & Screen Acting at The Actors Conservatory. In 2013 she was accepted into Harvest Rain’s Australian Musical Theatre Workshop and The Performance Workshops ‘2013 Artists Program’. She was recently 1 of 15 successful applicants worldwide selected to participate in the prestigious ‘Hollywood Immersive Actors Program” which is due to take place in Los Angeles. Renee would like to continue her training and perfecting her craft so that she can become an award winning ‘character actor’ like her idols Johnny Depp and Brendan Fraser.

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  1. Tanya all the way, The most determined, hard working, energetic woman i have ever met. She has an infectious smile that lights up every room she walks into!

  2. I’ve worked with Renee on several short films and she was professional, hardworking and perfectionist. She is extrememely talent and I can’t wait to work with her again.

  3. Tanya ticks all the boxes. She’s got the looks, charm, personality & all round GREAT spirit.
    She’s going places…just hope everyone else is on board

  4. Renee is my selection. I spent a very significant time perusing each of the individuals and as a Great Actor and Director myself I would say that Renee certainly showcases what I usually call ‘The It Girl’ Wow! You Go Girl!!

  5. Tanya is spot on, I have seen her perform and she is just as stunning on TV as she is in person.
    when we do our next photo shoot Tanya will be top of my call list, her work ethic and style suit each other perfectly.

  6. Renee is a volcano ready to erupt. When she does , the world we know. Her talent is supported by her strength and dedication. Renee is a true artist.

  7. Tanya Stone is the most amazing / gorgous and truly talented young female, I am proud to call her a friend!!

  8. It’s hard to tell having not seem them all act. But from what I have seen I think Tanya and Renee have potential.

  9. Hannah Buck is the funniest most energetic person i know! She wont let a single person down, and works extremely hard! She is the best at whatever she does!

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