Who Do You Think Should Appear In The Cover Of Model & Mode Magazine?

Vote now for who you think should appear in the cover of Model & Mode magazine. Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogatory comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!  The winner will appear in the next cover of Model & Mode magazine alongside some of the most high profile and upcoming models in Australia. She’ll also win a $700 package which includes a full photo shoot with hair and makeup and a full page portfolio in the magazine as well as receive a $70 membership with the Aussie Elite model network and 2 VIP tickets to this year’s Australian Model Conference. It’s a total package of over $800. 

1. Yana Vozharovskaya


Yana Vozharovskaya is a very enthusiastic, positive and honest person who values time. His biggest passion in life is architecture, dancing and modelling.

2. Missy King


Missy is a student/promo model/surfer and skater – the beach is her second home. She’s bubby and constantly energetic and she can talk about anything under the sun. She also loves car turbos.

3. Shani Cotterill


Shani Rae Cotterill is a fashion model from NSW, Australia who has collaborated with a number of designers, photographers, hair and makeup artists and fellow models for many different events. She loves animals, especially cats and snakes and even mermaids because she thinks they’re incredibly fascinating. Her favourite thing to do (other than modelling) is laughing – she’s always got a funny story to tell.

4. Cynthia V.


Cynthia is a young French girl who has done an number of photoshoots and has appeared in reality TV, TV reports and fashion shows. She loves meeting people, discovering new projects and being in front of the camera.

5. Jessica Campbell


Jessica Campbell is an 18 year old dancer who has trained pre-professionally in all styles of dance. She’s an outgoing girl with a passion for performing. Fitness and a healthy well being is very important to her so she makes sure she trains 6 days a week at the gym whilst focusing on her Law and Media degree at university. She has done a number of photo shoots and performed at gigs – she’s actually a classically trained pianist. The creative arts industry is very close to her and she would love to embed it into her everyday life.

6. Danka Dawson


Danka Dawson just arrived in Australia two months ago. She left Chile and came to Australia to improve her English and to apply for a postgrad for work that is related to UNICEF or NGO –  her dream is to one day travel to Africa and India. She’s a positive person who believes before all else in love and positivity. She believes that you only have to believe and trust in yourself, give the best of yourself to others and blessings will come back to you.

7. Alexia Zümret


Alexia began modelling at a young age and she has done all kinds of modelling from runway to still. She has a huge passion for modelling and her goal is to walk on the Victoria’s Secret runway one day. She puts all of her time and effort in to modelling, including hitting the gym at least 5 times a week and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. She enjoys fashion, shopping, socialising with friends and travelling.

8. Taalia Jordan


TJ is a 20 year old petite model who hails from Sydney, Australia. She is naturally auburn haired, she has blue eyes and pale skin. She has been modelling for 3 years and is signed with Ignite Elite Models, Fox Studios and Romel Model Management – Redfern (Commercial Division). She is extremely versatile who doesn’t have a specific preference in style of modelling from Editorial, Vintage, High Fashion, Avante Guard to SFX, Alternative and Urban. She welcomes any opportunity to step outside the box and be creative. The majority of her work is Beauty/Glamour, Hair modelling and Products Shoots.

9. Becky D


Bec is 20 years old and she loves to travel. She has travelled to LAX, Bali, Hawaii and all around Europe for 3 months. She’s also in love with everything fitness – mainly boxing and crossfit/strength and conditioning. In February she had her first Amateur Boxing Fight to raise awareness against Domestic Violence and was happy to take home the win. She loves being outside either on the beach or going for coastal walks alongside the beach with friends.

10. Jessica Solkowski

10Jessica Lee

Jessica is 21 years old and she’s living this life out of a van on the streets of Byron Bay, allowing the universe to teach her what she needs to know through every soul that crosses her simple path. Her life revolves around trying to experience each moment in full presence in order to grow and to correct errors within herself so that she can become the most loving version of herself – free of judgement and expectation of others, free of ego attachment and materialist needs.

11. Cassidy Richardson

11Cassidy Richardson

Cassidy is 18 years old and she just finished her HSC last year. She has danced for over 10 years and is currently continuing her training with the Locreado contemporary dance program. Cassidy has Tourettes Syndrome and wants to bring awareness of this condition to others. She hopes  to study Dance Fulltime and would love to eventually tour the world as a dancer on a cruise ship. At the moment she is really enjoying doing some modelling and acting during her gap year.

12. Hayley Dean


Hayley Dean is 21 years old and she’s fairly new to the modelling industry so she’s looking to further her career as a model. She’s a fun loving person, she can be really girly but she still loves to explore and get dirty. She loves to travel and experience new things.

13. Olivia Mcgrath


Olivia McGrath  has been working in the Motor industry since she left school doing multiple jobs and even starting a mechanic apprenticeship. Over the last 6 months she has been working on her own business which she will be launching at the end of the year. She will be specialising in Natural/Organic hair and skin products.

The Aussie Elite Group is an ethical independent group of leading industry professionals uniting the Australian modelling industry. If you’re an upcoming model who wants mingle with high profile models and leading industry professionals then head on to www.aussieelite.com to get the chance to mingle with the ‘it’ crowd in the modelling industry.  

Vote for who you think should appear in the cover of Model & Mode magazine in the poll below! The poll closes on the 29th of June, 2016 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). Please note that voting is also restricted to just ONE vote per IP address. Vote NOW and make your voice heard! 




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