Who Do You Think Should Be The Next Miss Earth Australia 2016?

Vote now for who you think should be Miss Earth Australia 2016! Please keep it in mind that any person who leaves unpleasant and unnecessarily rude or derogatory comments will be removed and banned from this site permanently. Let’s just keep this voting poll fair and fun!  

1. Achol Arow (Victoria)

Achol Arow VIC

A peer educator at Women’s Health West, a well known organisation that helps young women of all backgrounds, Achol is passionate about recycling and renewable energy. She commends the trend to include solar panels on new residential and commercial developments.

2. Aly Zhang (Victoria)

Aly Zhang VIC

Aly believes the biggest environmental concern we face today is the degradation of the Great Barrier Reef. She proposes uniting with UNESCO and its World Heritage Committee to protect the reef’s status, ensuring it survives the negative impacts of humanity and mining.

3. Angelica Dizon (South Australia)

Angelica Dizon

Angelica believes more trees need to be planted, both locally in her state of South Australia as well as the wider world in general. Without trees, there is no source of life.

4. April Walker (Victoria)

April Walker VIC

April is an advocate for recycling; she believes that if things can be reduced down to make ‘new’ items without creating or manufacturing from scratch, then that is the default way we should operate as a society.

5. Charlotte Mellis (QLD)

Charlotte Mellis QLD

Charlotte is a qualified PADI rescue diver, and actively campaigns for protection of our marine wildlife. She recently travelled to Raja Ampat in Indonesia to participate in marine conservation, and is an ambassador for Sea Shepherd here in Australia.

6. Claire Worboys (Victoria)

Claire Worboys VIC

Claire has always believed that change starts right at your front door. Through her previous studies she has become passionate about creating infrastructure with low-impact renewable energy sources, which are more economical to run and are healthier to live in.

7. Ella Bourne (Victoria)

Ella Bourne VIC

Ella believes that climate change is the biggest issue, but the problem we have is the current focus on economics rather than a sustainable future. Corporations take the cheapest route to ensure maximum profit; it’s time to start investing in environmental sustainability.

8. Ellenor Jones (WA)

Ellenor Jones WA

Ellenor believes strongly in the causes championed by both the United Nations Environment Programme and the World Food Programme; she believes that the time is now to find ways to ensure our future without destroying the earth.

9. Laura Smolej (TAS)

Laura Smolej TAS

Through studying agriculture, Laura aims to head overseas in the future to work as a volunteer in developing countries, to help break the cycle of poverty by helping communities become self-sufficient in producing their own food. 

10. Lavinia White (NSW)

Lavinia White NSW

Passionate about sustainability, Lavinia aims to promote an environment in which food is sourced and produced locally, so as to end up producing less waste. She believes in the importance of putting back into the environment that provides for us.

11. Lyndl Kean (NSW)

Lyndl Kean NSW

As a vegetarian, Lyndl is using her Miss Earth journey to raise awareness of the environmental effects caused by animal agriculture. She wishes to influence people to eat less meat, reducing both greenhouse gas emissions and deforestation. 

12. Rachel Alexander (TAS)

Rachel Alexander

Rachel promotes and supports Bonorong Wildlife Sanctuary locally in Tasmania. More than just a tourist attraction, she would like to help the sanctuary continue to rescue and rehabilitate wildlife and educate the public on environmental sustainability.

13. Riley Aston (QLD)

Riley Aston QLD

A true animal lover, Riley supports PETA as an organisation. She admires the fact that beyond animal welfare, they also combat issues relating to climate change, water and other resources’ use and pollution, alongside veganism.

14. Roanne Lombard (SA)

Roanne Lombard SA

Roanne is a passionate environmentalist, regularly putting her money where her mouth is and attending clean-ups, tree plantings, actively fundraising and promoting protection of our planet effectively through her social media platforms.

15. Stella Zhang (NSW)

Stella Zhang

Joining a climate society class at school, Stella first learned about the issue through the Pacific Adaptation to Climate Change (PACC). She believes it will help change the environment for the better.

16. Veronique Campion (Victoria)

Veronique Campion VIC

Veronique is concerned about fossil fuels and the resistance to adopt sustainable energy sources. Despite a myriad of options, and implementation in other countries, there remains difficulty in Australia in obtaining funding and support for sustainable energy. 

17. Louisa Brown (Victoria)


Louisa is most passionate about wildlife conservation, and particularly so after a trip to China where she learned about the plight of the Giant Panda. She aims to help protect endangered wildlife here and abroad, and work to stop illegal poaching.

18. Ruby Adamson (NSW)


Ruby’s focus is the education of children about the impact of littering and the importance of recycling. She believes that if children are taught early how they affect wildlife and sealife, they could enact a positive change for their own generation.

19: Nikki Moriarty (NSW)


A vegetarian since the age of 11, Nikki has long been an advocate of both vegetarianism and veganism. She is currently studying nutrition, and plans to start her own health and beauty blog to advance her passion for both health and the vegan lifestyle, educating others on the environmental benefits.

Vote for who you think should be the next “Miss Earth Australia 2016” in the poll below! The poll closes on the 29th of July, 2016 at 12am AEST and you are eligible to vote only once per day (after you’ve voted, 24 hours must pass after the time you voted, for you to be able to see the voting form and vote again the next day). The winner of the voting poll will go straight through as one of the top 8 semi-finalists and the finals is on the 30th July from 7pm AEST at the historic Cell Block Theatre at the National Arts School in Darlinghurst. Please note that voting is also restricted to just ONE vote per IP address. Vote NOW and make your voice heard! 



  1. I Strongly admire Ellenor’s passion for a sustainable future in the food sector & i believe she would be an exceptional leader to champion and represent this cause.

  2. Charlotte, és uma mulher linda, inteligente, e sem duvidas merece ganhar esta competição como a nova Miss Astralia. Te desejando o melhor! Boa sorte… You always good vibe!! Xxx

  3. I vote for Aly Zang Victoria as her looks are not everything she relys on .. her passion for a better world and environment is what you notice straight away when you meet her…Aly is so down to earth & friendly nature is why she would be perfect for being crowned Miss Earth Australia..good lucky Aly & may the whole of Australia see the passion & beauty from within. Brooke Low

  4. Achol would be amazing as the next Miss Earth Australia. She is unique, aspiring and has testimonies to relate too for other younger women and older. Her heart and values are based on what is fair and righ.. Not only is her beauty rich but her heart mind and soul. She is but a rare jewel that you will ever find. She not only understands the lights and cameras of a model but political views as wel.. As I said, a rare beauty with heart soul and intelligenc.. She will be best fit. So that many may have someone to look up to..

  5. Charlotte Mellis in mia modesta opinione è la donna più bella in tutto, stile, classe, portamento, intelligent, artista

  6. Aly Zhang from Victoria is a natural, personable and likeable women.
    And you can see for yourself, by her friendly good looks, that this is true. Her looks speak for themselves. I vote1, for Aly Zhang to be the Miss Earth Australia 2016. Good luck Aly. Henk van dan Bergen.

  7. I admire Charlotte’s commitment to environmental issues. She is a brilliant spokesperson and a great supporter of Sea Shepherd – an organisation working tirelessly for marine environments.

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